Shipping Policies

Your order will ship with Standard Shipping unless you request an alternative. If you don't receive a shipping confirmation email right away, don't worry! We will deliver the items to you by the delivery date shown or within the date range provided at checkout. We do not ship Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays. If your order requires additional information to fully process, we will be in touch by email.

We ship orders to all US states and territories, APO/FPO addresses as well as more than 100 other countries and regions. For more information, visit the international shipping page. Orders shipped to PO boxes cannot be expedited.

Your order will be shipped from our warehouse located in São Paulo/Brazil and the estimated time delivery is 5 - 10 business days.

What is Duty and Tax and why should I pay?

Customs Duty is a tax charged on all products shipped from outside of the Brazil. The purpose of Duty is to bring the cost of imported goods up to the same cost as those produced within the your country to keep competition fair.

Who has to pay?

The person or business receiving the shipment is legally obliged to pay Duty unless the sender has agreed to accept these charges in the contract of sale.

Goods Purchased Online for Personal Use

You may be charged customs duties and taxes for something purchased online because:

- Duties and taxes are most typically not included in the price of the goods you purchase online, and might not be included in the overall shipping costs you pay to the online retailer.

- When purchasing goods online, some or all of these goods may not originate in the country you reside in, therefore are subject to a customs duty, which is a tariff or tax imposed on goods when transported across international borders.

- When goods are not shipped domestically (within your country) or within a single customs union, such as the European Union, you are liable to pay any inbound duties and taxes which your local customs authority deems appropriate.

- What is payable, if anything, depends on where the goods are sent from, the type of goods, their transactional value and the weight of the package.

Shipping Costs

Our online store will calculate the shipping cost automatically. Note that we´re always trying to compete with the US major shipping companies to keep the shipping cost the lowest as possible.