Named for Marcel Vogel, the name "Vogel crystal" is used very loosely in today’s market place. Many, if not most, "Vogel crystals" are imitations. Once you've held an authentic Vogel cut crystal in your hand, you’ll know the power of these precision cut crystal healing tools.

The specific cuts of a Vogel crystal enable a spiraling energy that can create the movement of small doses of natural radiation delivered to human body through heat, light and vibration. This delivery can be to yourself, to another person, or across the globe.

There are a variety of different shapes of cut quartz crystal. Many quartz crystal cut styles are intended to maximize the beauty and the light-reflecting qualities of the quartz crystal material. Some crystals are faceted for scientific and commercial applications such as laser technology. And some crystals are intentionally cut as energy healing tools.  


The purpose of a Vogel crystal is to amplify and cohere (gather) the thought and energy that you desire to focus into your body/mind or that of another person.

Amplification we can understand, but coherence is a more obscure concept in physics terms. 

To simplify, when applied to the physics of light, coherence is the condensing of the light wave/particles into ultimately a laser beam. In other words, if you take ordinary light and condense it or make it coherent, you end up with is a laser beam.

We know that crystals can amplify information. Early radios were based upon crystal technology and were often called “crystal sets”.

As demonstrated by a 1974 experiment in digital holographic storage systems at Stanford University, crystal structures can store and retrieve digital information: "Stanford University physicists have demonstrated the first fully digital model of such a device, storing and retrieving the Mona Lisa."

Marcel Vogel’s research into luminescence and liquid crystal technology had led him to understand that quartz crystals can store, amplify, and transfer three-dimensional information. 

As he continued his research, Marcel very soon found the limitations of natural quartz. While it could store and retrieve information, it did not cohere and amplify the energies emitted by the body and mind of a living being. 

Because of this limitation, Marcel began an exploration into faceting as a way of concentrating or cohering and amplifying a crystals power.

Marcel Vogel's Crystal Vision
And then he experienced a vision upon waking from his sleep.

In Vogel's vision of sacred geometry, Marcel saw the Talmudic Tree of Life in geometric form, which he felt was a little strange since he wasn’t Jewish. But he still managed to grab a note pad and draw diagrams from the vision. This led to Marcel spending the next year in the laboratory making his first crystal cut, based on the geometric shape he held with his vision:

Vogel Crystal and Talmudic Tree of Life
Marcel Vogel's vision led him to develop the specific shape and cutting angles that intensify coherence and amplification of a crystal's energy.


The vision of sacred geometry led to the development of crystal cutting that combines the healing properties of the crystal with the ability to create intentional healing. As Marcel Vogel described, a properly cut crystal will take in energy at the receptive end and amplify it as it circulates around the inside of the crystal's walls. The energy hits the internal sides of the polished facets as it revolves and then is transmitted from the focal end.

Marcel Vogel described a true, authentic “Vogel-cut crystal” must be cut to comply with his research and teachings. A Vogel Crystal is cut to exact specifications and with the appropriate care necessary to assure the Universal Life Force is attracted, amplified, and transmitted properly.   Click here to see our crystal healing wands.

Per Marcel’s instructions, a crystal must be hand cut with the necessary intent, skill, and understanding of the crystal and its intended uses, doubly terminated, cut, and polished to a specific shape, cut completely aligned with the C axis of the quartz crystal, and cut to 456HZ to attune to the vibrational freqency of water. A true Vogel crystal’s receptive end, sometimes called the female end of the crystal, must be faceted forming an internal angle of 51 degrees, 51 minutes, and 51 seconds. This is the same angle as the sides of the Great Pyramid at Giza. The transmitter end, sometimes referred to as the male end of the crystal, must be faceted with a more acute internal angle than the  receptive end. 

Vogel Crystal Internal Angles
An authentic Vogel crystal's receptive or female end forms an internal angle of 51 degrees, 51 minutes, and 51 seconds, the same angle as the Great Pyramid at Giza.

The only crystals considered a true Vogel-cut have 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 13, and 24 facets. Most crystals cut with twenty-four sides and more are machine cut due to the extreme difficulty of maintaining symmetry.

Crystal cutters trained in the art of making these exacting Vogel hand cuts are a vanishing breed. Cutters that Marcel trained have made their mark in the world by taking his cutting technology to the next level. The Vogel cutters have used their skills to develop unique designs like the Angel Cut, Vision Quest, Unconditional Love, and others that would be considered ‘Vogel inspired’ or ‘Vogel style’.

Please be aware of imitation Vogel crystals. We invite you to compare the inexpensive imitations to a true Vogel crystal. Owning an authentic Vogel healing crystal is an experience of a lifetime.

We carry only the finest quality, authentically cut and designed Vogel crystals handcrafted with intention by master lapidary artists.

As a devout Christian, Marcel might have held some belief in miracles but he was also trying to teach us that we should not view our healing as anything but natural. 

Marcel called each human an atomic generator because of the power and measurable energy generated by the mind. The human brain has been proven to emit the equivalent of twenty watts of power. This is an aspect of our life-force energy. Our thought produces power that can be transmitted anytime, anyplace, and in any direction.

The following are statements by Marcel Vogel that demonstrate the philosophy he held through his life experiences and laboratory experiments. Some of these have been condensed or extracted from longer quotes:

- Unconditional love is allowing the people around you to fully express themselves.

- Love is the glue that bonds all matter in the Universe.

- Love is primary unit of life, hate is primary negative unit of life.

- Humans create energy by converting thought into matter, what limits us is our willingness to try.

- Crystals ground human energy and bring the mind to an alpha state. When the left and right brain merge, we are home.

- The principle of life is the soul, without it, there is only matter that decays. The soul attaches consciousness to matter, imprinting consciousness to matter.

- Crystals are working with an energy in an unlimited dimension in a magnetic domain.

- Crystals are a radio transmitter, a memory element, a transceiver, and a computer that delivers radiation that agitates water in the body, using a natural element.

- Spirituality teaches us to build the spirit of life. We build our spirit of life by loving our fellow human; thinking, acting, and reflecting for the good of humankind. By doing so, we are building ourselves an information body in a form that persists independently of time and space. Each person must go to the negative pain and work to clear it up. If you hold it, you project that energy into the world and onto others. We must handle our negative emotions to see the good in man.

- Denial of negative emotions leads to withdrawal from reality. It is your responsibility to go to negative pain and clear it up. If you hold negative emotions you project that energy.

- Ether is the substance once thought to suffuse the universe and be the medium that propagated light. Before that, it was the material that suffused the realm of the Gods. In the ether means that it is something being communicated from place to place; it has no precise location, just as a radio broadcast can be heard from many different places. Ether is not air, it is neutral energy that surrounds you.

- To be a healer, the science of breath is essential. Ancient wisdom and yoga can help move a person through the various levels of consciousness.

- Movement through levels of consciousness can help establish a carrier wave for each module recorded in physical space within ourselves.

- Crystals are working with an energy in the unlimited dimension of a magnetic domain. Crystals are a radio transmitter, a memory element, a transceiver, and a computer that delivers small doses of natural radiation to the body. Crystals agitate the water in the body, using a natural element.

- Each organ has a consciousness, so it helps the blood to be demagnetized.

-Marcel also stated “The principle of life is the soul, without it, there is only matter that decays. The soul attaches consciousness to matter, imprinting consciousness energy to physical matter. Love is the primary unit of life, hate is the primary negative unit of life”